Baja Peninsula – The Aquarium Of The World

Baja Peninsula – the aquarium of the world

The only problem with Baja is that it’s addictive


Warning: The following blog may change the way you think about winter for the rest of your life. Side effects may include a desire to leave work, friends and family every February. Tofino Expeditions takes no responsibility for any consequences; reader discretion is advised.


Simply put, Baja is sublime.

Imagine warm, dry nights camping under a horizon-to-horizon dome of stars. Or relaxing afternoons swimming in crystalline waters watching a whole other kind of world float by. And sun-drenched mornings paddling the still waters of the Sea of Cortez.

A unique experience on land and sea, there’s a reason Tofino Expeditions has been offering kayak adventures in this region for 30 years.

Baja has had us looking forward to winter every year of the past three decades. Come along for a getaway and start counting down the days with us.


Bajas atmosphere appeals

It’s a very distinct environment.

At first glance its appearance may look stark, but there is a tremendous amount of life going on. Beautiful cacti and drought-resistant trees dot the interesting landscape. Add to that a unique quality of light, throughout the day and night, and you’ll be charmed.

Solidly sub-tropical (the Tropic of Cancer runs right through the southern end), it’s not equatorial – meaning it’s warm but dry. Not humid and sticky, the days and nights are oh so comfortable. Plus, unlike many tropical regions, there aren’t mosquitos and other flying, biting bugs to pester.

All of which allows for one of my favorite trip experiences – sleeping out under the stars.

Drag your sleeping pad out of the tent and onto the sand to glimpse the skies fantastic. With very little light pollution, you can appreciate a remarkable view of the world and its atmosphere. And if you happen to be lucky enough to be there during a meteor shower, the show is even more amazing.


Experience an aquarium unlike any other

Jacques Cousteau said it best when he called the area “the aquarium of the world.”

The waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula in the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California are warm, clear and full of aquatic wildlife. Whales, dolphins and fish abound. While the water is very swimmable, its temperature is cool enough to allow for the proliferation of marine animals.


Kayaking and camping the Baja cant be beat

Obviously, the terrestrial and aquatic environs of Baja are wonderful, but I think it’s actually the rhythm that you settle into that makes it so addictive.

Being relatively close to the equator, the daylight is pretty much consistent at 12 hours year-round. Typically, we rise with the sun around 6:00 a.m. and have breakfast basking in its warmth. Then it’s time to paddle, making the most of the morning calm waters.

After relaxed paddling of four or five hours, including breaks for dips in the ocean, we’ll reach another camp in the early afternoon. Lunch and siesta time in the breezy shade is usually followed up by some exploring, hiking or snorkeling.

And it wouldn’t be Mexico without a beer or margarita on the beach at happy hour. Then, cue the lovely dinner as the sun goes down around 6:00 p.m. As darkness settles in, tealights and spectacular star gardens create a magical ambiance for the rest of the night.


Basking in this little piece of paradise when wet and cold has so much of the rest of the continent in its grips seems almost unfair. Almost . . .

Take it from us, you deserve to experience the Baja. It offers a spectacular location and a relaxed rhythm that resonates. Why not find out for yourself this winter?

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