Explore Brazil’s Green Coast By Kayak

Explore Brazil’s Green Coast by kayak

A Costa Verde adventure trip suitable for everyone


Sparkling aquamarine waters, verdant rainforests, spectacular food and the splendor of one of the world’s most exotic cities – this kayak adventure has it all.

As our website notes, we’ve paddled all over the world and “perfect” is not a word we use lightly, but 150 miles west of Rio de Janeiro on Brazil’s southern coast is an area that’s made for sea kayaking. With its warm, protected waters, sumptuous scenery, amazing wildlife and interesting colonial history, the Costa Verde approaches perfection.

Captivating and diverse, the Green Coast deserves such praise, and more. What makes this kayak trip so special? Plenty, as you can see from the following quick glimpse of our Costa Verde itinerary.


Rio where it all begins

This trip of a lifetime starts in glamourous Rio de Janeiro. A vibrant city known for its beauty and beaches, you will get acquainted with both its celebrated sights and its lesser known gems as we get to know each other.

Not only will you enjoy time walking through the local neighborhoods and beaches, but also our guide Professor Teresa will accompany us farther afield to the city’s outlying Tijuca rainforest, up Corcovado Mountain to see the iconic Cristo Redentor statue and through other fascinating areas of the city. And, don’t worry, we’ll make sure to indulge in the city’s wonderful cuisine. For more about the riches of Rio, click here to check out our recent article.


Paraty where we set sail (or set paddle, as the case may be)

Day 3 sees us on our way out to the coast and the lush rainforest town of Paraty. Offering a stark counterpoint to chic Rio, rural Paraty more than holds its own with its unique style. The settlement offers the largest setting of 18th- and 19th-century Portuguese colonial architecture, and has, in fact, been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Situated at the end of the Caminho do Ouro (Gold Road), Paraty was established as a shipping point for minerals and gems, coffee and agriculture from the country’s southern interior before the railway linked Sao Paulo and Rio. After being made redundant by the railway, Paraty became a sort-of ghost town. But the building of a road linking it to Sao Paulo in the 1960s offered it a second life, and it’s now a vacation destination. Our clients love its artsy vibe.



Mamangua, Pouso da Cajaiba, Praia Grande and Parati Mirim ports and beaches of call

We leave Paraty and head out to explore the shores and villages of the flourishing Atlantic Rainforest. Fresh seafood, welcoming communities and warm, protected waters all combine for an idyllic few days. For accommodations, we stay a couple nights in an eco-lodge and then a couple in a guest house, where we get to enjoy the sights and sounds of village life.

The paddling itself is well-suited for beginner to intermediate skill levels. Because the coastline routes we take are between the coast and Ilha Grande (the Big Island), we are protected from the open Atlantic swells. Paddling highlights include the natural splendor of Saco de Mamanguá, Brazil’s tropical fjord, and swimming at the various beaches, including Praia Grande (Big Beach). We also get a chance to leave the cockpit and explore the shoreline. The short hike inland for a dip in a tropical pool at the base of a jungle waterfall is always a highpoint.


And back again

At the end of our paddling route we use our support boat to leapfrog back to explore Parati Mirim, a lake-like bay of islands that make up part of the Caicuru Ecological Reserve. Keep your eyes open for the rare golden lion tamarins, a species of small monkey native to the area and extremely endangered.

The final night back in Paraty sees us take part in a participatory dinner at Chef Yara Castro Roberts’ restored colonial home. An author and renowned chef, Yara regales us with lively explanations of the region’s culture and cuisine as we work together to create a fabulous meal.


This ten-day adventure is sublimely diverse and epitomizes what makes adventure tourism so appealing – culture, history, scenery, wildlife, physicality and, of course, food.

For more images from and info about this amazing trip, make sure to check out our new online catalog with tons of fabulous pics and details on all our other spectacular destinations. If you have any questions, please get in touch through our website, call (800) 677-0877 or email us at info@tofino.com.

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