Explore Haida Gwaii – Canada’s Galapagos

Explore Haida Gwaii – Canada’s Galapagos

Trust the region’s most experienced kayak guides to lead the way


Maybe it’s because it can only be reached by boat or chartered plane, but there are only a handful of destinations in the world that rival the wonder of BC’s Haida Gwaii.

Known as Canada’s Galapagos, the area is located 80 miles off British Columbia’s extreme northwest coast. Separated from the mainland by the Hecate Strait, the islands are an amazing blend of landscape, cultural history and wildlife. With its singular ecology, unspoiled wind-battered beaches and powerful indigenous connections, it needs to be experienced and enjoyed.

And there is no better way to feel the magic of the region than through our award-winning wilderness camping kayaking tours. From the spectacular Burnaby Narrows that teems with intertidal life to the secluded, sacred SGang Gwaay village with its standing totems, we will transport you into the heart of this enchanting land.

For 30 years, Tofino Expeditions has been moving tourists, literally and figuratively, as we come together on a journey of discovery in the amazing Haida Gwaii. For a trip unlike any other, let us show you the way.


Haida Gwaii excursion highlights

Gwaii Haanas National Park – a reserve founded to protect the natural and cultural integrity of the area, it is rated as one of the top parks in North America. We run our kayak tours in its remote southern portion. The Park itself is extremely well managed in terms of quality of visitor experience and has won acclaim from the likes of National Geographic and Outside Magazine.

Burnaby Narrows – reported to have the highest density of intertidal life on the planet, the waterway connects Juan Perez Sound with Skincuttle Inlet. About half a mile long and 160 feet wide, the Narrows are quite shallow, especially at low tide – perfect for viewing from a kayak. A kaleidoscope of colors and cornucopia of sea life, starfish, sea urchins, moon snails, clams, needlefish, sea cucumbers, sea blubbers, red crab and more all live together harmoniously in the nutrient-rich waters.

SG̱ang Gwaay Llnaagay (also called Skung Gwaii, Ninstints or Nan Sdins) – declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981. While its name keeps evolving, the actual site has stayed the same over the decades. The remains of an ancient Haida settlement, it is a mesmerizing view into a traditional Northwest Coast First Nations village site, with its standing totem poles and the remains of cedar longhouses. Members from the Haida Gwaii Watchmen program are on hand to both protect and interpret the cultural heritage of this site, as well as others throughout the Park.

Wildlife and scenery abound – no matter where you look, you will be amazed by the raw beauty of the surroundings. And your kayak affords the perfect viewing spot. Sea lions, humpbacks and orcas slip past, while overhead gulls, petrels and tufted puffins look on. Along the shore, bald eagles and black bears scavenge for meals where the cedar forest meets the water’s edge.


Expect the best with Tofino Expeditions

As experienced outfitters, we know kayaking; we also know Haida Gwaii in a way few others do. Timed for the best weather, our multi-day paddling trips are structured as a journey between the most compelling features of the Park. Our wilderness trip features the finest camping equipment at hand-selected spots chosen for both their beauty and accessibility. Our experienced guides prepare delightful daily meals for which we are renowned. And all trips are run with tandem expedition kayaks to ensure stability, safety, comfort and route success.


Gwaii Haanas is a place of light, beauty and wonder. Are you ready to experience its majesty? Let us lead you there.


Visit our website for further details about our Haida Gwaii tour, including a general itinerary. And please check out our online catalog, where you’ll find inspiring images and info about this and other destinations. Questions about any of our trips? Get in touch through our website, call (800) 677-0877 or email us at info@tofino.com.

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