Fall In Love With Cinque Terre On Land And Sea

Fall in love with Cinque Terre on land and sea

A romantic destination for paddlers and non-paddlers alike


For centuries, Cinque Terre has drawn attention and admiration from writers and artists, including the likes of Percy and Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, D. H. Lawrence, George Sands, Henry Miller and Virginia Woolf.

And why not? The romance of this part of Italy’s Ligurian region is almost palpable.

Crystalline waters, rugged and rocky magnificence, fishing villages clinging to the hills that make up the jagged coastline – the area has raw nature and beauty to spare.

Then, throw some kayaks in the mix and you have the makings of a most unforgettable seaside adventure.

Spectacular scenery, gravity-defying walkways, imaginative engineering and, of course, amazing cuisine are just some of the things that will make you fall in love with Cinque Terre. Join us on this tour of the Ligurian Sea and experience the charm of the region for yourself.


Explore Cinque Terre from the water

A string of five seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline make up the area known as Cinque Terre (pronounced chink-wa terra). Each of the towns proudly display their colorful houses and centuries-old vineyards, both of which hug the steep terraces that make up this amazing stretch of coastline. And the juxtaposition of this kaleidoscope of colors rising vertically from the blue of the north Mediterranean will strike you over and over again as you paddle from town to town.

While the most common way to get to the region is by train, it’s from the water that you can truly appreciate the splendour of this fabulous shoreline. Imagine yourself approaching the harbors filled with fishing boats and sun-soaked sandy beaches in your own vessel.

In this part of the world, marineria the life of the sea – is what village living is based on. Experiencing that culture by kayak allows you a window into the natural rhythms of dwelling at the sea’s edge. Slow down and take in the warm waters, sun-filled days and relaxing nights full of fabulous food and scintillating sea vistas.


Experience the land

After paddling in the early part of the day, the comfortable Ligurian Sea water invites us to swim at nearly every stop and afternoons find us exploring one of the beautiful towns. We wander the narrow, winding streets wondering how the houses keep from diving into the water below. Rugged stone stairs and skinny pathways beckon us higher and higher to enjoy amazing views from above. Perfection.

Have a closer look at this designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its extensive system of contoured terraces and muretti (low stone walls) that manage to make this dramatic landscape even more astounding.


Work up an appetite, even

Fortunately, all that paddling and hiking around town requires us to quench our thirst and satiate ourselves. Gelato, anyone? Nothing refreshes quite like it.

And, of course, evening meals feature more mouth-watering morsels made with homegrown produce and “the day’s catch.” Plus, with Liguria being the birthplace of pesto, the pasta and pizza here are legendary. Paired with heavenly wines, there is so much to enjoy.


Come step back in time with us as we discover the distinct dialects and atmospheres of each village. And then we’ll continue on to the sixth “Terre” – Portovenere – and the jet-set haven of Portofino.

Explore the sunny Italian Riviera and iconic Cinque Terre and learn to live and love marineria.


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