Kayaking, Cuba-style

Kayaking, Cuba-style

 A paddling adventure that celebrates Cuba’s people, history & beauty


There’s something mysterious about Cuba. And, like a forbidden fruit, it’s always held an allure. Due in large part, no doubt, to the fact that for decades its relationship with the US was, well, shall we say, rocky.

But, of course, that’s all changed in more recent years. These days, traveling to Cuba is very straightforward.

So what better time to enjoy its sandy white beaches and azure ocean? And what better way than by kayak?

Join us on Tofino Expedition’s newly created tour that explores fascinating cities and villages, majestic rivers and mountains, lush forests and memorable beaches, all with experienced guides. This amazing eight-day adventure will beguile you with an eclectic mix of history, food, music and environment. And you’ll leave wanting more.



Legal Cuba – people-to-people

We made it a priority to ensure that this people-to-people trip to Cuba is completely legal by planning an itinerary that focuses on engaging with the Cuban people, supporting Cuban society and contributing to the local economy. Throughout the tour, we get the opportunity to meet with residents and learn about local life.

Cuban authorities require would-be travelers to obtain a Cuba Visitor Visa. Essentially it lists details that allow you to enter legally and needs to be arranged before arrival on the island (most airlines won’t let you fly in without one). For most, it’s a painless process that takes only a few minutes to complete, but feel free to get in touch with us if you want more information.


Havana will entice with its culture and charm

The start and end point of any Cuba trip, Havana is one sensual city.

Fairly pulsing with life, it’s also laden with history and culture. From its iconic Malecon, the seawall that protects it from the ocean, to its museums and restaurants, a lively atmosphere surrounds you. Music and street art delight the senses as we take a walking tour around this vibrant city and, of course, partake in the local cuisine.


Crocodiles, birds and so much natural beauty

After an introduction to Cuba’s city life, we make our way to its more remote shores and enjoy the natural beauty it offers. Did you know that the vaguely crocodile-shaped island actually has its own unique species of crocodile? Coincidence? Either way, you’ll get a chance to see them when we visit the national park service’s breeding facility.

In fact, we’re able to capitalize on several lovely parks, reserves and gardens as we paddle various locations around the island. From flamingos and other tropical birds to the interesting critters living in coastal mangrove swamps, there is plenty of flora and fauna to be enjoyed by kayak, on foot and even with mask and snorkel. Cuba has the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean Sea, and we ensure you’ll get a chance to experience their beauty up close.


Hemingway and history also get their dues

From the Bay of Pigs and UNESCO Heritage Sites to the fabulous old cars that fill the streets, the island’s fascinating history comes alive in front of our eyes.

And no trip to Havana would be complete without devoting some time to visiting Hemingway’s haunts. Forever associated with Cuba, we visit the literary hero’s former home, now the Ernest Hemingway Museum (Finca Vigia), where he lived for 20 years and wrote many of his books. We also get to visit the historic fishing hamlet of Cojimar, where Hemingway moored his boat.

We even get a chance to travel in style in some classic cars from the 1940s and 50s and tour the Plaza de la Revolucion and other historic sites.


You need to take this opportunity to enjoy different aspects of Cuban life as you explore the shores, cities and villages of the Caribbean’s largest island. Please accompany us on a trip that teases the senses and offers a glimpse into an exotic and exciting culture.

To see an itinerary of this fabulous adventure and the possibilities that await, click here. And be sure to browse our website and online catalog for further details about all our other trips. Have questions? Get in touch through our website, call (800) 677-0877 or email info@tofino.com.



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