Kayaking The Magical Norwegian Fjords

Kayaking the magical Norwegian fjords

Let us lead you on a Norse paddling adventure


As thunderous waterfalls plunge into pristine waterways, you’ll revel in their energy and spirit while paddling long, deep, mysterious and magical fjords. A strikingly beautiful land of epic Norse myths and sagas, there is nothing like experiencing Norway from the water.

Admittedly, I might be a bit biased. My personal connection with Norway dates to a year spent as a sailor aboard a Norwegian deep-sea freighter while I was still a teenager. So, for me, grand adventure and the sea are inextricably linked with this spectacular country. But whether you’re interested in finding out more about its Viking history, looking to spend some time in an achingly beautiful part of the world or possibly even recapturing a piece of your youth, our trip to Norway will leave you in awe.

Tofino Expedition’s newly created kayaking tour captures the essence of this very special place. Showcasing the best of the western fjords and islands of Norway’s far western coast, we visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and stay in historic grand hotels.

This unique trip offers you a chance to experience the culture, folklore and unspoiled sea routes of remarkable Norway.


Our new Norwegian kayak tour – cities, scenery and so much more

As with all our kayaking adventures, we have strived to take advantage of the conditions to ensure the best experience possible. Late spring into summer makes for the best weather in which to enjoy Norway’s scenic grandeur. Snow still adorns the high country, while melting snowpack powers scores of waterfalls into an awesome display. Long, lingering days of midnight sun leading up to and around the summer solstice are perfect for allowing an extraordinary range of travel options.




Begin in beautiful Bergen

The tour follows a circular route that starts and ends in Bergen. The second-largest city in Norway, Bergen charms. Nestled in amongst seven mountains, it’s known as “the gateway to the fjords.” There you can take the time to enjoy walking around central Bergen and down to the city’s vibrant waterfront in the colorful Bryggen section – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was the storehouse of the German Hanseatic League that dominated trade in northern Europe for almost 400 years. Old cobbled street and alleyways and wooden houses that seem to have fallen out of fairytales are certain to leave you enchanted.

Some of the other cities and villages that we’ll spend time in include lovely Flåm, picturesque Balestrand, striking Hardbakke and the remote island settlement of Gåsvær. All unique, quaint and appealing in their own right.   


Half the fun is getting there

One thing about Norway – it has a lot of geography. And the natural features dictate that, even though the distances may be relatively short, travel can involve multiple ferry rides, trains and automobiles. In fact, one of the most interesting aspects of our trip occurs right at the start as we travel on a mountain train, the Flåmsbana, which, in its time was an engineering marvel. It affords an unforgettable ride through a landscape of mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls and tiny farms.

And as this trip includes three distinctly unique paddling areas – Nærøyfjord, Sognefjord and the Solund Archipelago – throughout the tour we use modern and efficient high-speed catamarans of the local express-boat system to connect those three separate kayaking locales.


Stories, Stave churches and Grand Hotels

During the days you will enjoy gliding through the waters, surrounded by beauty as you learn about the myth and magic of the fjordlands. Waterside views of the creatively ornamented villas along the shore, Viking burial mounds and centuries-old wooden Stave churches all provide amazing scenes to look at. At night you get the chance to partake in the comforts of some of Norway’s historic Grand Hotels that have hosted travelers since the 1800s.

Of course, all along the way, our local staff offer expert guiding, storytelling and interpretation that will leave you with a sense that you’ve authentically experienced the culture and sense of community that the region offers.


Take the chance to feel the long days of northern sunlight as you take in breathtaking scenery and paddle this Viking route. Join us for this trip that has been years in the making, and experience the wonders of Norway.


Find out more about this Norwegian expedition on our website and look at our online catalog for further details about all our trips. Have questions? Get in touch through our website, call (800) 677-0877 or email us at info@tofino.com.


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