Peaceful, Pretty La Paz, Baja

Peaceful, pretty La Paz, Baja

An excellent launching spot to kayak the Sea of Cortez


It goes without saying that we here at Tofino Expeditions know and appreciate a great kayak locale. And La Paz is truly that, and so much more.

Situated on Mexico’s Baja California Sur peninsula, and as the state’s capital city, La Paz not only offers visitors beautiful seafront vistas and a lovely downtown, but also an authentic Mexican experience. Even if it weren’t the city from which we launch a couple of our spectacular kayaking trips it’d be worth the visit.

We’ve been coming to this region for more than 30 years, reveling in its relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere and taking in all that the surroundings have to offer. Keep reading to find out just some of the things we love about La Paz.


The vibe, the people, the environment

Like much of Mexico, the pace of life in La Paz is laid-back and relaxing. As noted, it is the capital city in the region, so it’s an important center of commerce, but locals still find time to live up to their name of Los Paceños – the “peaceful ones.” Colorful shops, historic buildings and public art make it an ideal place to stroll around town. Safe, welcoming and full of charm, there is much to see and do.

And, of course, a multitude of restaurants serve your every need. From inexpensive authentic breakfast in the historic downtown, to lunch as you stroll the malécon (one of the country’s most beautiful seaside boardwalks), to suppers at local resorts and even mezcal tastings for a nightcap, you can find a fit. And it’s all delicious!

The fact that it gets about 340 sunny days a year makes it the perfect spot to get out and get active. Snorkeling with seals, SUPing with sea turtles and whale shark watching tours will keep you busy. Heck, there are even three world-class golf courses to choose from if you want to stretch your legs and hit the greens.

Obviously, it’s the opportunity to kayak that really gets us fired up. What better launching point into the Sea of Cortez for an extended kayak-camping trip than here?


Our kayak trips out of (and into) La Paz

The entire Sea of Cortez region enjoys the sunny, warm days and cool, dry nights that lend themselves to a truly remarkable and comfortable trip. As such, Tofino Expeditions offers two tours out of La Paz, as well as a tour that starts in Loreto and finishes in La Paz.

Baja Kayaking Espiritu Santo Island: A seven-day paddle, this tour is great for all levels. Come explore one of the world’s most beautiful islands with us! Rife with spectacular wildlife, the National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its white sand beaches and red rock cliffs. Espiritu Santo is simply beautiful – and perfect for camping.

Baja Kayaking Isla San Jose: This eight-day trip offers easy to intermediate paddling. Supported by a skiff, we explore the remote wild island of San Jose. Because it’s more of a challenge to get to, it’s less well-traveled. In fact, it offers an experience that’s reminiscent of what Baja was like when we first began paddling here 30 years ago. We also make certain to take plenty of time to explore the Sonoran-desert environment on this tour.

Baja Kayaking Tours – Kayak Loreto to La Paz: Ready for a real getaway? How does twelve days sound? Come along on this classic kayaking expedition, as we explore 65 miles of the remote and roadless shores of the Sierra Gigante Mountains. Camping along the shore surrounded by spectacular coves, you’ll be continually amazed by the beautiful environs.


Plus, La Paz is easy to get to

Air access to La Paz is by way of San Jose del Cabo, about two hours to the south, which makes it easy to get to in terms of finding a variety of pricing and availability of flights. And it also allows for a convenient extension to the vacation so that you can experience Mexico, Cabo-style.


Ready for a taste of life in La Paz? Get in touch today.

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