Tour Tuscany By Kayak

Tour Tuscany by Kayak

Our new Italian paddling adventure will take your breath away


The amazing history, the remarkable landscape, the mouth-watering cuisine – Tuscany hits your senses like a ton of bricks.

Equal parts vibrant and ageless, inviting and seductive, this region of Italy has made visitors fall in love with it for centuries. And while many feel they know it, you can now see Tuscany in a whole new light when you join Tofino Expeditions on our newest Italian paddling tour.

Rocky cliffs abutted by crystalline waters of turquoise, medieval cities and rustic villages dotting the beautiful landscape, cream-colored villas and lush vegetation all compete for our attention as we get off the beaten track to paddle the region’s coastal waters and explore its hidden pleasures.

Come with us and experience the Tuscany about which others only dream.


Coasting along the Tuscan coast

People say all roads lead to Rome, but for kayakers, all roads lead to water. While we do, in fact, begin our adventure in bella Roma, within a day we’re headed northeast into the Maremma region of Tuscany. And then the magic truly begins.

We launch our kayaks into the impossibly clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and enjoy the southernmost islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Made up of a chain of islands, the most famous of which are Montecristo and Elba, this area is ripe for exploring. And so, we do.

The region’s spectacular flora and fauna compete with the stunning land and seascapes for our attention. Not to mention the impressive and imposing fortresses in the area that were built to guard the coastal harbors against pirate invaders.

From picturesque Porto Sant’Ercole to colorful Porto Santo Stefano and Punta Lividonia, we skirt shorelines, explore sea caves and land at small beaches only accessible from the water. This is the Tuscany you need to experience.


Isola d’Elba – Napoleon’s island exile will hold you captive

The largest island of the Archipelago and third-largest island in Italy after Sicily and Sardinia, Elba allows for an excellent base from which to head out on several memorable paddling legs. Again, exquisitely clear turquoise blue waters showcase the loveliness of the surroundings. You’ll be stunned by the island’s beautiful coastline, characterized by dramatic cliffs, fringed by sandy beaches and dotted with small villages.

Of course, while the area’s natural beauty is more than enough reason to visit, it’s the interesting past that captivates so many. Argonauts, Etruscan invaders and Barbary pirates have all made their way to Elba. But Napoleon is probably its most notable visitor.

The French Emperor was exiled to Elba after his forced abdication, and he arrived at Portoferraio in 1814. There, he kept a personal guard of 600 men and was nominally sovereign of the island, although the nearby sea was patrolled by the French and British navies. While on Elba, he carried out a series of economic and social reforms to improve the quality of life but then escaped to France 300 days later. Glimpsing this part of history during a visit to his former home, now a museum, will be sure to appeal to all.


And you thought that part was beautiful . . .

Following our time in Elba, we get the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Val d’Orcia, a World Heritage Site that has some of the most iconic scenery on the planet. Celebrated by artists of the Renaissance, Val d’Orcia continues to attract painters and photographers to this day.

We get the chance to enjoy food in the picture-perfect town of Pienza, a masterpiece of 15th-century design and UNESCO Heritage Site in its own right. And then head to Bagno Vignoni to enjoy a soak in the town’s natural hot springs that have attracted visitors since Roman times.

Following a wonderful dinner and breakfast there the next morning, we journey on to a different kind of paddling destination – the volcanic crater lake of Lago di Bolsena. From the lake, we have views of villages and castles amid the surrounding hills, as well as glimpses of a diverse range of resident and migratory birds.

Visits to Rocca Monaldeschi Castle and a special dinner in the medieval hill-top town of Civita di Bagnoregio will cap off our adventures suitably.


As always, our tour is built upon handpicked accommodations and sumptuous dining experiences, not to mention wine tastings that hit just the right note. And our local staff offer expert guiding and interpretation that will ensure you come away with the knowledge that you’ve been treated to a cultural experience like no other.

Join us on this, the latest chapter in our love affair with the natural and cultural splendors of Italy.


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