Touring The Baja By Kayak

Touring the Baja by kayak

Our areas of operation on the Sea of Cortez


The Sea of Cortez and the Baja Peninsula are magical.

Situated in a region of the world known for its inevitably sunny days and gorgeous land and seascapes, this is a wonderful place to relax and reconnect with yourself and the natural environment.

For more than 30 years, Tofino Expeditions has been offering kayak adventures around Baja. We love it and we know you will, too.

With five different kayak tour options based out of two different locales, you’re sure to find something that speaks to your particular sense of adventure. Read on to start planning your perfect getaway.


Unwind and find peace in La Paz

Located on the southern part of the Baja Peninsula, La Paz is an authentic and colorful Mexican city. As the state capital, it’s one of the region’s important economic and commercial centers. Shops and historical buildings make up its lovely downtown. A highlight not to be missed is the boardwalk that hugs its shoreline, called the malécon – one of country’s most beautiful.

Like the rest of the Baja Peninsula, here the days are sunny and warm, and nights are cool and dry. La Paz is accessed by the San Jose del Cabo Airport, which receives a variety of flights from all over North America.


As I walked down the streets of Loreto . . .

Located about 240 miles north of La Paz, it’s flanked by the impressive Giganta Mountains and enjoys excellent beaches and turquoise waters along its coast. Smaller than La Paz, there’s a significant ex-pat community. Exuding a warm and friendly vibe, the area is the right size to explore by foot. The Loreto Airport has fewer flights, which means scheduling can be a little trickier and flight prices can also be a bit higher.

We’ve operated out of Loreto since the beginning. A charming little place, it continues to grow in popularity, particularly since the establishment of the Bahia de Loreto National Park. (In fact, we ran kayaking operations out of there before the Park was founded and were consulted because of our experience in other marine park areas, particularly around Haida Gwaii.) Comprised of five islands in the bay, the marine park is renowned as a great place to kayak, snorkel, dive, sail and fish.


Our kayak tour options

Tofino Expeditions offers two tours out of Loreto, two out of La Paz and then we have a tour that starts in Loreto and finishes in La Paz. Find a location and length that suits you.

Baja Kayaking Espiritu Santo Island: out of La Paz, this seven-day paddle is great for all levels and explores one of the world’s most beautiful islands. A National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Espiritu Santo is renowned for gorgeous white sand hidden in deep coves framed by red rock cliffs, which makes for perfect campsites. And the wildlife is wonderful.

Baja Kayaking Isla San Jose: also leaving La Paz, this eight-day trip offers easy to intermediate paddling. A skiff-supported exploration of this more remote wild island is our latest Baja trip. Isla San Jose is challenging enough to reach that it’s off the radar of most Baja paddlers and offers an experience that’s reminiscent of what Baja was like when we first began paddling here 30 years ago. Sandy beaches and rugged peaks cut by arroyos (washes) provide pathways to explore the Sonoran desert environment.

Baja Kayaking The Sea of Cortez: a six- to eight-day easy paddle out of Loreto. We explore an area encompassing the coast and offshore islands of the Loreto Bay National Marine Park on the Baja Peninsula’s eastern coast. The trip combines all the best aspects of our most popular sea kayak expeditions – amazing scenery, wonderful wildlife, beautiful kayaking, satisfying hikes and spectacular campsites.

Baja Kayaking Isla Carmen Circumnavigation: intermediate paddlers leave Loreto to explore this jewel of an island. Carmen’s coastline has a remarkable range of geology and terrain, from small, pebbled coves to broad white sand beaches. Arroyos hikes provide access to the island’s interior where you’ll encounter desert iguanas and big-horned sheep. An eleven-day trip, comprised of nine paddling days to cover 60 miles, it’s a goody!

Baja Kayaking Tours – Kayak Loreto to La Paz: another longer paddle, this trip is twelve days in duration. Considered a classic kayaking expedition, explore 65 miles of the remote and roadless shores of the Sierra Gigante Mountains between Loreto and La Paz. Spectacular coves and beaches make for beautiful campsites. You’ll love the ever-changing vistas.


The rhythm of the Baja must be experienced and appreciated. Get in touch today.

Please check out our website and online catalog for further details about our Baja kayaking options. For more info about these or any of our other trips, please get in touch through our website, call (800) 677-0877 or email


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