Why Sea Kayaking In Italy Is So Great

Why sea kayaking in Italy is so great

Location, location, location – well, and the food, history & culture!


Hear the words Italy and boat and you can be forgiven if your thoughts immediately turn to stripe-shirted gondoliers poling their way through Venice.

But picture this instead: you, in a sea kayak, paddling your way through the world-famous canals under your own power and from a vantage point most tourists never get to enjoy. Or maybe you’re plying the warm, crystalline turquoise waters of the Adriatic as you approach the sun-drenched beach of a 1,000-year-old fishing village nestled into the spectacular Italian coastline.

A stunningly beautiful nation built on, by and for the water, you deserve to discover Italy from the sea.



Italy – made to be experienced in a sea kayak

While becoming less unique with each passing year, touring Italy by North American-style sea kayaks is still a novelty. Kayaking in Europe in general isn’t as popular as it is in the “New World” – yet. This is likely due to the misconceptions that kayaks are narrow and tippy (granted, some of those old northern European ones were) or that it’s a skills-oriented endeavor suited for those able to do a roll. This couldn’t be further from the truth. North American sea kayaks are built for stability, comfort and all levels of ability – think Cadillac not Lada.

And if any place was suited for cruising around in comfort, it’s Italy.

Travel by kayak in Italy is a combination of ancient culture and spectacular natural beauty. With almost 5,000 miles in coastline, dotted with islands, including the lovely Sardinia, it’s obvious why Italy developed as a sea-faring nation built along the water. The shoreline is replete with fortresses, castles and temples that pre-date the Roman Empire, not to mention the amazing landforms.

Warm water, great beaches to land on and plenty of shelter make it a kayaker’s dream locale.



See Italian village life from a whole new perspective

Thousands-year-old villages are best enjoyed when approached from the water’s edge, not a tour bus. Theirs is a small-boat culture, so paddling up to a coastal settlement is a nice entrée into local life. I’ve found that the locals just relate to us differently when we arrive via water.

Marineria,” the life of the sea, is at the heart and soul of every village. Warm water, sun-soaked sandy beaches and great Mediterranean food are all part of the harmony of life at the sea’s edge. Experiencing a culture such as this by kayak allows you to enjoy its natural rhythms. Paddling slows time down, so you can savor some of the simple pleasures of Italian life, including the ultimate mid-paddling-day treat, gelato!



Tofino Expeditions’ award-winning Italian kayaking tours

We offer an unparalleled range of multi-day, warm-water kayaking tours in Italy. From exploring the sunny Italian Riviera and paddling between the five villages of iconic Cinque Terre to gliding across the surface of breathtakingly blue waters surrounding Sardinia and seeing magical Venice from the most memorable point of view, you will find something that’s perfectly suited for you.

All our Italian kayaking trips include unique regional elements – both cultural and culinary – as well as well-planned paddling days and carefully chosen accommodations. Whether visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, exploring ancient fishing villages or hiking around the Dolomites you can experience Italy’s history and culture in a whole new way.  The food, the culture, the history – Italy by kayak is an absolute delight.

La dolce vita (the sweet life) is awaiting you. Plan to experience it soon.


Please visit our website for details about our Italian kayaking tours and have a look at our new online catalog with loads of spectacular images and information on our other memory-making trips. If you have any questions about our destinations, please get in touch through our website, call (800) 677-0877 or email us at info@tofino.com.


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